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BANISH - 32 oz conc - SGBAN32

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This oustanding fungicide uses the power of Geraniol, a natural geranium oil plant extract, to control common mildews in plants. BANISH works in a two-fold process to prevent mildew growth and heal plants from the cell up. Mildews first appear as spores at the plant surface; from there they send out tubes that grow and feed off the host plant's nutrients. The Geraniol in BANISH works by creating an unbalance of potassium (K+) ions in the mycelium. This unbalance inhibits spore germination and mycelium growth and will, ultimately, enter the pathogen cell and kill it. The result is a healthier, pathogen-free plant.

BANISH is effective against the following plant diseases:

Podosphaera fusca, the powdery mildew found on cucumbers, melons (including watermelons) and squashes (including pumpkins).
Erysiphe nector (Uncinula necator), the powdery mildew endemic to grapes.
Podospheara leucotricha, the powdery mildew that affects both apples and pears.
Podospheara aphanis, the powdery mildew commonly found on blackberries, raspberries and roses.
Oidium lycopersicum, the powdery mildew to which tomatoes are susceptible.

BANISH is thoughtfully manufactured to provide superior results. The oils are naturally sourced and carefully harvested then cold-pressed for extraction to preserve their purity; no heat or chemical solvents are used. This pure oil is then micronized and amplified in a patented process that offers superior spreadability over the treated area, deeper penetration into pathogens and faster absorption for quick control.

Suggested Uses: For use on all types of plants as a foliar spray to control powdery and downy mildews.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Downy Mildew and Powdery Mildews including Podosphaera fusca, Erysiphe nector (Uncinula necator), Podospheara leucotricha, Podospheara aphanis and Oidium lycopersicum.