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AXIOM works as a plant health promoter and growth stimulant by signaling defense systems in the plant with the introduction of the naturally occurring Harpin Protein (produced by an endopyhtic bacteria). The presence of the harpin protein triggers an immune response in the plant (hypersensitive response, HR), boosting the plant's disease resistance and stimulating accelerated growth. AXIOM translates your plant's natural defense process into an easy-to-use commercial product to bring you increased crop quality and yields.

Key Benefits:

- Stimulates root, foliage, flower and fruit growth.
- Improves disease resistance using natural chemical processes.
- Uses a systemic action within the plant, so one application will produce a full-plant response.
- Increases shelf life after harvest.

Suggested Uses: To stimulate healthy plant growth and boost plant immune health on all plants grown indoors or outdoors, including but not limited to:
- Vegetables, fruiting trees, berries, vines and herbs
- Roses and other flowers
- Floating and emergent aquatic plants in containerized water gardens and ornamental ponds
- All ornamental plants such as trees, shrubs and turf

Regalia Biofungicide uses similar processes for preventive disease control and suppression. It is ideal for use in propagation to control common diseases like damping off, Botrytis and Rhizoctonia.

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