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Rice Hull Media Amendment - 1/2 cubic ft.

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Use in seed starting mixes as an alternative to vermiculite and perlite!

Rice hulls are now available in smaller sizes for gardeners and small growers! This natural, sustainable, and renewable alternative to peat, vermiculite, and perlite makes an impressive growing media when mixed with compost or your favorite potting soil. Drains well, and provides a good source of aeration and porosity.

Benefits of Rice Hulls In Soil:

Less expensive than perlite. Higher water holding capacity.
Rice hulls are produced from a renewable & sustainable harvest. Byproduct of rice production in Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri and Texas.
Increase porosity in growing media allowing more air flow and drainage.
Minimal drift or floating within potting mixes.
ARBICO Organics Rice Hulls are specially processed to contain no diseases, weed seeds, or insects. We recommend incorporating Rice Hulls and ARBICO Organics Compost into potting media for excellent results.
Use at 1:5 ratio for best results.

Large volume sizes of PBH Rice Hulls also available.