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Earthworm Castings - 25 lbs.

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ARBICO Organics Worm Castings – Fertilizer & Micronutrient Amendment!
Worm castings are a natural byproduct of vermiculture (composting with worms) used as a fertilizer and soil amendment. Our worm castings are produced by red wigglers and provides macro- and micronutrients to the soil in a slow-feeding form. Castings can be applied as a top dressing, brewed in a tea, or mixed into the soil medium. The sustainable production of worm castings helps reduce food and paper waste.

Benefits of Worm Castings:

Castings are a source of over 60 micronutrients and trace minerals.
Breakdown occurs slowly. This reduces application frequency and risk of nutrient burn.
Worm castings add beneficial microbial life to your soil.
Reduce transplant shock.
Improve soil structure. Castings can help buffer soil pH in highly acidic or alkaline soil.
Contain chitinase, a natural compound helpful in disease suppression and root knot nematode control.
Earthworm castings are sometimes called "gardener's gold" because of the multitude of benefits they provide. They can be combined with other fertilizers and soil amendments according to your plants' needs. Unlike other manures, castings are odor-free. Produce your own worm castings with the Hot Frog Living Composter!