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Produced locally in Catalina, AZ, ARBICO Organics' Compost Plus contains a unique blend of fermented nitrogenous and carbonaceous material along with beneficial bacteria, insect frass, wood shavings and more. The rich, living nature of our compost makes it a perfect addition to depleted soils as it revitalizes soil, speeds up decomposition of organic matter, raises brix (sugar level-vitality) levels and increases pest insect and disease resistance. The high nitrogen content of Compost Plus makes it a great addition to growing mediums and mulch for new plantings or beds.

Suggested Uses: Use to replenish inoculate depleted soils and compost piles, as a potting media in raised beds/pots, or as a top dressing for houseplants, trees, shrubs, lawns and other garden plants.

Application Rates:

Use 3-10 tbsp. per potted plant, mix 1 lb. per 12 sq. ft. of garden or lawn.
Use a 2 cubic ft. bag to treat 50 sq. ft. and use 2-4 tons per acre for farms.