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All Natural Mite and Insect Control RTU - Quart - LG 6284

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Monterey All Natural Mite and Insect RTU is a ready-to-use insecticide made from a blend of 100% naturally occurring materials (rosemary, clove and cottonseed oils). It can be used to control all life stages of mites but is also effective against a wide array of insect pests. This simple to use spray provides both a quick knockdown and residual control.

No mixing needed.
Can be applied any time during the growing season up to the day of harvest.
to control mites and insects on vegetables, grapes, fruit and nut trees, and ornamentals.

Additional Information:
Oils For Pest Control - Essential, Botanical, Whatever...
This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Aphids, Caterpillars, Leafhoppers, Mealybugs, Mites, Scale, Whiteflies, and others common garden pests.