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Active Eye Universal Phone Microscope w/clamp, 60X - AEM60C

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Identify & photograph your garden pests in high resolution!

The Active Eye Universal Phone Microscope allows you to convert your cell phone camera into a microscope. Its portable and convenient design attaches quickly and easily to your phone for on-the-spot viewing. This allows you to detect and identify what's bugging your plants. Once located, simply snap a picture with your phone and save for future reference, record keeping, additional research or sharing.

Active Eye 60X Universal Phone Microscope features:

60X magnification ideal for most pest and disease detection.
Works for any task that requires a clear, close-up view (such as watch or jewelry repair).
Bright LED light that gives you ideal lighting in almost any lighting conditions.
A UV LED light that works well for currency authentication and photosensitive plants.
An impact resistant case for those inevitable drops.
Whether you are in a serious search for insect pests, or just want to have some fun exploring the microscopic world with the kids, this lightweight and compact microscope will serve you well.