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Active Eye Microscope, 100X - AEM100

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This lightweight, compact (2½ x 4½ x 14") microscope is super-convenient for identifying insects pests, disease and plant species wherever you are. If mites are your problem, the 100x magnification of this microscope will help you determine just which type are pestering your plants. It is easy to use; simply open it up and a super bright LED light will illuminate the object you are examining. Inside the view finder there is a handy measuring tool for instant measurements.

This microscope comes a protective cover. Also included is a handy Pest Identification Guide.

Key Features of Active Eye 100x Microscope:

Adjustable focus allows the user to analyze various issues.
Independent illumination reduces interference from ambient light sources.
Internal ruler on optics measures objects from 0.01 mm to 2.0 mm.
LED bulb should not need replacement for the life of this product.
Batteries included.
Suggested Uses: Use for gardening and plant health examinations to detect and identify pests and diseases. Also useful for tasks requiring a clear view of very small items.