Agrikon picking sleeves , priced by pair

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Zenport AgriKon AG4020 white canvas fruit picking sleeves, protective armwear is used to guard your arms while pruning roses, trimming bushes and trees or picking fruit and berries. AgriKon garden armwear can be worn over anything to protect your clothing and skin from harmful thorns, branches and slivers. Easy to use and comfortable to wear. Just slip over your arm.

Multiple uses include; pruning roses, trimming thorny bushes, picking fruit, picking Berries, cutting palm fronds, trimming trees, carrying firewood, carrying masonry or lumber, Around poison oak or ivy. The list goes on and on.

While gardening, a long sleeve shirt will only provide a small amount of protection. AgriKon Garden Armwear allows you to reach into thorny bushes worry free. Affordable and easy to use. Sold in pairs. Fits over or under the glove cuff. Long lasting durability. Keep handy and ready in the garage, shed, truck or next to the fireplace.