AF365 LGR Dehumidifier

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XXL Xactimate Billing in an XL Dehu!

Most Efficient Pint-to-Amp Ratio in Its Class.

It’s true! The AF365 is an XL dehumidifier, but it’s designed with so much power and efficiency that you can use XXL Xactimate pricing categories when billing out jobs where the size of the loss calls for XXL capacity.

From large commercial drying rooms to small ones (and everything in between), the power to handle any size drying room can be found within a single, compact cabinet.

You won’t have to sacrifice performance for power draw.

The AF365 has one of the most efficient pint-to-amp ratios for a dehumidifier of its size. It pulls over 162 pints per day at AHAM (80°F/60% RH), while drawing less than 10 amps.

You’ll love the new 4-line display.

Tired of tedious toggling? The easy-to-read 4-line display on the AF365 shows you the most critical data points on one screen, so you won’t have to waste time switching back and forth between multiple screens.

You can quickly see temperature and humidity readings going into the unit as well as temperature and humidity readings going out.

The new status indicator light at the top of the control panel provides instant feedback, as well. You can tell at a glance what operating mode the unit is in: normal (green) or defrost (blue).

Keep better track of usage hours.

The AF365 tracks the total number of hours in the life cycle of the unit, which comes in handy for determining maintenance or simply making sure that you’re using all of your dehumidifiers equally.

It also tracks the independent job hours, making it easy to tell if someone has been turning off your machine.

Get grain depression data without a 3rd party app or tool!

Tracking grain depression is required for insurance purposes, and most professional restorers are accustomed to using a psychrometric calculator or app on their smart phone to make their calculations. The AF365 dehumidifier makes your job easier by providing you this information—no more guesswork or incorrect calculations!

More options means more control over the job.

With built-in humidistat controls, the AF365 allows you to dial in the specific values you want to achieve on the job. You can even set the humidistat to switch to “fan mode” once a specific value has been reached, increasing job efficiency. You can “set it and forget it,” and trust that your machine will run the way you want it to.

Safe power-up/power-down feature protects your equipment.

The AF365 has a built-in safety feature that prevents the compressor from turning on right away when the unit is activated. This avoids hard starts and power surges, protecting your equipment and preventing breakdowns.

This feature also works in reverse, appropriately powering off the unit in the safest manner possible, reducing the risk of damage and expensive maintenance costs.

Convenient diagnostic mode identifies problems early.

The AF365 provides an on-screen diagnosis of the compressor, fan, float switch, and other componentry, letting you know right away if a problem is detected. This lets you head off problems early or make manual overrides to keep the unit operating the way you need it to.

The AF365 is a top-performing dehumidifier that delivers the features, durability, and earning power you need to maximize your restortation drying jobs!



Category LGR Refrigerant Dehumidifiers
Brand Provided by Jon-Don
Amps 9.2
Volts 110/120
Water Removal (AHAM) 162.56
Weight 128.5 lbs
Warranty Information Year 1 - All Components, includes Freight and Labor
Years 2 to 5 - Sealed refrigeration system (condenser, evaporator, compressor), parts only, does not include labor or freight
Condition New
Xactimate Code WTRDHM>>> Xactimate Category: Double Extra Large (XXL)