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Advanced Nutrients Water Soluble Additives & Boosters Voodoo Juice Plus Tablets - 25 Tablets Pack

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Boost Crop Value With Advanced Nutrients’ Voodoo Juice® Plus Tablets

Get ready to raise your bud weight for a fraction of the price of using Voodoo Juice®, Piranha®, and Tarantula®. Voodoo Juice® Plus contains all 16 strains of beneficial bacteria and fungi you’ll find in our flagship microbial products — now in a cost-effective, quick-dissolving tablet form. Just add Advanced Nutrients’ Voodoo Juice Plus tablets to your nutrient regimen, you’ll…

Expand roots and penetrate root membranes for maximum nutrient absorption
Sheathe root tips and build mycelia, extending roots to capture and solubilize locked-up nutrients
Increase essential oil concentrations and boost the value of your crop