7.6" blade survival knife with accessories

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The Zenport survival knife and kit model 14037 features a 440C stainless steel 7.6-inch blade with a 4-inch aluminum handle, compass, sewing kit, emery cloth, fishing line, fishing hook and 4 X match sticks.

Unscrew the handle pommel to store and access your survival kit.
The pommel secures well and is watertight when fully secured.
Survival knife features a razor-sharp edge which includes a combination 3-inch serrated edge and 2.8-inch bone saw on the spine of the blade.
A large 3-inch wide protective steel guard mates the handle to the blade.
Guard includes 2 holes to mount or attach to a lanyard.
The 4-inch long aluminum handle offers a 2.125-inch round outlook with skid proof grips.
This survival knife comes complete with a durable nylon sheath.
The high-quality durable nylon sheath attaches to your belt with a loop.
This knife is ideal for anyone who spends time in the wilderness or likes to hunt.
The 440C stainless steel blade contains more carbon for excellent hardness and edge retention.
Overall the knife measures 12-inches.
This hunting knife weighs in at 9.9 oz.