6-piece diamond needle files set

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This popular set is ideal for all types of delicate detail file work. Comfort yellow dipped plastic non-slip grip handles provide comfort for easy gripping while filing wood, plastic and soft metals. This set comes with 6 assorted shapes for various needs. Set includes a round, half round, flat, triangular, square and knife style diamond files. Various shapes offer you many options for your job. Each file?s unique shape is designed to cover full ranges of shaping, forming, carving, engraving and material removal. Ideal for grinding filing shaping on glass, tile, ceramics, stone, marble, rock, bone, hardened steel, arts and crafts, jewelry making etc. High quality grade diamond sands (Class II). Surface of embedded industrial diamonds: Medium 120 Grit, Class II quality. Durability and longevity. Total length: 6.25"(165mm). Diamond sanding grit: 2.8" (71mm)