16x16x1 Pure Green Plus Carbon Eco-Friendly AC Furnace Air Filters 3 Pack

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Pure Green Plus Carbon Eco-Friendly AC Furnace Air Filters by Nordic Pure starts with an environmentally responsible non-woven, high loft, antimicrobial filter media made of fine gauge polyester. As we continue to keep our eyes on media technology advances, our Pure Green media will be changing its appearance. Please expect the same quality and performance you have come to rely on from our Pure Green media which will now be white in color on the front. Our Pure Green HVAC filter media is 100% synthetic and can be made out of recycled products. To this, we add a high-quality, flat panel, polyester media that has been infused with activated charcoal to naturally deodorize the air and help eliminate strong odors.

As consumers, some of us are making a conscious effort to live more “green.” What does that mean? Green products have a less environmental impact compared to their counterparts on the market. Some are recyclable or compostable, and others are actually made from recycled products. Not only are they non-toxic and often biodegradable, but they also help reduce pollutants in nature. Additionally, eco-friendly products help conserve energy, which is a key component of our Pure Green furnace filters with their low-pressure drop rating.

Our Pure Green HVAC filter media is derived from recycled pop bottles and the outer frame is beverage board made of recycled paper products. The AC filter media, made of fine gauge polyester, removes lint, household dust, pollen, bacteria, pet dander, and dust mites. It has two layers of fiber density allowing depth loading and high efficiency for a healthy HVAC unit. The carbon layer also removes levels of concentrations of gases such as Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, while helping to fight tough, unwanted odors.

Why go green? Small changes add up! If you can’t bring yourself to give up your disposable coffee cup each morning or your daily soda can in the afternoon, a Pure Green air filter is a way to make a difference. Maybe you’ve already switched to reusable grocery bags or traded out those single-use plastic drinking straws for a silicon version, but you’re still looking for other ways to contribute to preserving our planet. This Eco-friendly AC filter is a simple way to start minimizing your carbon footprint.

The effective life of your AC furnace air filter depends on both the inside and outside conditions in which you live. It is important to regularly change your air condition filters, especially during home improvements, for fresh, clean air in your home or office. We recommend changing your AC air filter every 30-60 days, depending on your unique home or office environment. Regularly changing your air condition filter supports sufficient airflow, which not only means cleaner air but a healthier HVAC unit.

As important as it is to recycle all those used delivery boxes and water bottles, the other component to going green is to purchase items that are made from recycled materials. If you are interested in becoming a little more earth-friendly, know that with Pure Green AC air filters you are taking another step toward helping the environment.

Important Note: Almost all furnace air filters have a different Actual Size (the exact dimensions) than Nominal Size (the name) printed on the air conditioning filter. It is best to measure the exact size of your A/C filter and compare it to our Actual Size to be sure your HVAC replacement filter will fit!