12'' Grow1 In-Line Duct Fan

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12" High-Output In-Line Duct Fan. Air flow is an essential component in any horticulture configuration. These fans can be used for filters, intake, or exhaust. This durable and high quality 12", fan is powerful enough to air cool several lights connected by ducting and powerful enough to extract odor and heat from your room. Keep your growing environment in balance by ensuring you have proper ventilation.

- 1060 CFM
- 120V-60Hz
- 2.50A
- 300W
- 2573 RPM
- UL recognized components
- Quiet operation
- Durable ceramic coating
- Metal housing
- High quality molded impeller
- Thermally protected AC motor
- Includes mounting brackets
- Includes 8 foot pre-wired 120V cord