Triminator Hybrid

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The Triminator Hybrid™ represents the best of all worlds. The Hybrid™ doubles the throughput of its nearest competitors but comes with a smaller price tag. With features only seen on high-end machinery: the all-in-one design, flexible bed knife, and tool-free assembly/disassembly, and tandem coupling really set the Hybrid™ apart from the rest of the pack. The Triminator Hybrid™ is the only continuous throughput-style trimmer to offer a stainless-steel helical blade – and it comes standard.

- Stainless-steel surfaces
- Flex-Knife™ technology
- Integrated kief collection system
- Tool-less disassembly
- Tandem ready
- Integrated jacking system
- Variable speed tumbler and helical blade

Weight - 250 lbs
Length - 39 IN / 99 CM
Width - 22 IN / 56 CM
Height - 43 IN / 108 CM
AC Voltage - 120 V
Feed Rate/Hour - up to 40 LBS / 18.14 KG