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North Spore Black Nitrile Powder-Free, Latex-Free Gloves - 100 ct - (Size S, M, L or XL)

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Comfortable, soft, and incredibly flexible, our black industrial-grade nitrile laboratory gloves are designed to
allow for puncture resistance while maintaining tactile sensitivity. AVAILABLE IN SIZES S, M, L, AND XL.
For sensitive skin: Gloves contain no latex and are manufactured without powder, making them suitable for
those affected by the most common glove allergies and sensitivities. (Nitrile gloves carry a very low allergy rate
of less than 1% of users.)
Durable & strong: Crafted for medium duty (4 ml thickness), they are more tear-resistant than vinyl gloves,
making them ideal for working with wet specimens and fluids.
Safe for food contact: Materials are compliant with FDA regulations for food contact, making them the perfect
choice for anyone coming into contact with consumables.
Ambidextrous: Gloves are designed to be used by both right and left-handed individuals.
Gloves are intended for single use.