Microclone Seed Starter Kit

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Welcome to the newest technology for introducing plant cuttings into tissue culture! This Starter Kit is a 3-week short cut to tissue culture clean, healthy tissue clones.

microCLONE Seed Starter Kit
The secret to plant tissue culture is using sugar as an energy source, instead of bright light. The tiny cuttings absorb sugar, nutrients, and hormones directly through their surface.
The plants grow in the self-contained environment while hormones in the media encourage branching and new plant production. The vessels keep the plants small, saving time, light, and money.
Preservatives have been added to the medium to reduce the possibility of mold. The new branches and nodes are the foundation of the Microclone grow room and sources of thousands of cuttings.

Simple As:
Trim limb tips from your strongest plants.
Place in tubes with prepared liquid rooting medium.
Transfer plant tissue cloning tube cuttings directly into rooting plugs.

This Starter Kit Includes:
(16) Non-sterile glass culture tubes in a reusable tray
Prepared sterile liquid tissue cloning medium
(5 Tablets) Dichlor surface sanitizing solution
(1) Scalpel
(1) 8" Forceps
Sealing Tape

Additonal Supplies Required:
HEPA Air Filter
Clean Grow Room w/ Fluorescent Light Shelf