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The ILUMINAR double ended CMH is a natural white grow light with a proprietary phosphor coating on the outside of the arc tube to provide you with the richest spectrum available. CMH technology gives you the proportions and quality you need for your crop. From 3K to 3K+Red to 4K, we offer a grow lamp for every cycle of your plants.

The DE CMH delivers a low frequency, square wave technology in order to provide a constant maximum voltage to the lamp for an extended period of time giving your plants more photons of light. The CMH ballasts are designed to properly ignite and operate on a low frequency ensuring the safety of you and your crop.

The double ended CMH grow light can be used as a stand-alone grow light or as supplemental lighting.

ILUMINAR Lighting has over 20 years of experience in lighting and product development specifically designed for professional gardeners, it’s what we do. All living things need light and we offer the “right” lamp for growing your plants strong and healthy. Like you, we know because we grow.