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BULK - Conc - 5 Gallon - RXTBULK5GAL

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Boost Bloom Quality & Density for Optimized Yields

BULK (2-12-3) is a PK booster that contains high-quality phosphorus, potassium and calcium to boost flower production. While these minerals are essential to healthy growth at any stage, Rx Green Technologies has specially developed BULK for use in the flowering stage of cannabis production. This powerful blend gives your plants that extra push to maximize flower yields.

The mix of primary and secondary macronutrients allows BULK to drive heathy growth in the following ways:

- Phosphorus – is a driver of ATP synthesis. In this process, the ATP carries, stores and releases energy as needed. Plants need the energy from the ATP molecules to convert carbon dioxide to carbohydrates during photosynthesis.
- Calcium – is essential to keeping plants healthy. It is found in almost all plant cells, where it bolsters cell structure and keeps them from collapsing or becoming leaky. Calcium also keeps nutrients moving throughout the plant. In the flowering stage of plant development there is an increased demand for nutrients and BULK provides that boost.
- Potassium – works to convert hydrogen and glucose into amino acids and protein. This makes potassium an essential component in the enzyme activation crucial for protein synthesis as well as providing enzymes for photosynthesis and ATP synthesis. Potassium also plays a huge role in water balance in plants.

Standard Dilution Rate: 2-6 ml/gal

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Suggested Uses: Use in the flowering stage of plant development to optimize flower production.