Weed Barrier Mat 3'x100' 6oz

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Grow1 Weed Barrier Mats are yet another weapon to add to your arsenal of defense for your roots. Grow1 Weed Barrier Mats offer the best way to battle bugs and pathogens and provide an extreme amount of protection for your plant’s roots. Grow1 Weed Barrier Mats feature a dual layer 6oz (170g) fabric, heavier than most others on the market. The dual layer fabric material is comprised of a woven, needle-punched 3.5oz (100g) layer as well as a non-woven 2.5oz (70g) layer. Grow1 Weed Barrier Mats provide ultimate weed control, are both strong and durable, and are a near 100% blackout material to help prevent photosynthesis and seed germination. As a result, these weed barrier mats will reduce the need for any herbicide use among your crops.