Doktor Doom

Doktor Doom Formula 420 3 in 1 Crop & Plant Rescue Concentrate 1 Quart Make 50 Quarts

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Doktor Doom Formula 420 3 in 1 Crop and Plant Rescue Concentrate Flower Power Insect Killer Concentrate is perfect for use on ornamental plants, edible plants, trees, shrubs and evergreens. Formula 420 can be used for various indoor and outdoor applications where an insecticide/fungicide is needed. Formula 420 kills spider mites and their eggs and suppresses powdery mildew.

Repels and Kills: spider mites, spider mite eggs, spotted mites, exposed thrips, leaf hoppers, lacebugs, aphids, caterpillars, climbing cutworms, scale insects, mealy bugs, japanese beetles, and suppresses powdery mildew.

Contains: 100% Organic Non-GMO Canola Oil and Organic Surfactants.