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Think Grow Model I LED 720W

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This fixture is a high performance LED grow light for horticulture cultivation. The compact design with a built-in driver balances the energy efficiency and human work environment. The innovative V-shape design on the LED panel improves light distribution, which lowers the height from canopy needed as it reduces light energy loss. Full spectrum design with UV provides better spectrum similar to the natural sunlight covering each critical phase of growth from vegetative to flowering. Extra Far Red spectrum channel allows a 10-15 mins exposure under Far Red, it can be applied to crops to help finish the flowering cycle faster (External Controller required). It provides great external control ability and allows up to 256 fixtures per channel with outstanding efficiency at 2.54 umol/J.

PPF             18 29 μmol/s
Efficacy         2.54 μmol/J
input Power  720 Watts
Power Factor   ≥ 90%
Weight          22.33 Ibs
Dimensions   45.24″L
Mounting Height    >2.5' Above Canopy
Lifetime     L90 >54,000 hours
Warranty   5 years standard warranty
Input Voltage Autosensing   100-277 Volts.
Amp Draw    6.23 @ 120 Volt
                     3.09 @ 240 Volt
                     2.71 @ 277 Volt
IP Rating  IP66 BTU
                 2456.74 btu/h