LTL STAGE3 Combination Recycling & Lighting timer,4-outlet

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The Stage 3 by LTL Controls is a multi-function timer designed specifically for HID lighting, and also features 1 output controlled by a recycling timer and 1 output for a nighttime device.

Two of the available 4 outputs are for HID lighting (1200W max combined), and the Stage 3 has unique safety features to accommodate these lights, including an external temperature sensor which will automatically shut off the lights if the maximum temperature is reached, a programmable setting to control the cool-down period of the HID bulbs in the event of a power interruption to prevent damage to your bulbs, a 30 second preset time delay between the 2 lighting outputs to reduce start-up surges/high in-rush currents, and it also features an internal clock with a back up battery to maintain accurate timing even in the event of a power outage.

The Stage 3 has a recycling timer which controls 1 of the 4 outputs. This timer will control any device operating on a repeating schedule and can be programmed to run during the Daytime, Nighttime, or 24 hours. The recycling timer can also be programmed to stop or continue timer programs in the event of a power interruption.

Used to Control:
- 2 HID Lights
- 1 Device on a Recycling Timer
- 1 Nighttime Device (outlet powers on only at night)