Industrial Portable AC 220V/60Hz (45) 16,000 BTU / 1.4 Ton

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* Membrane digital control
* Panasonic compressor & R410a gas
* LED display
* Wide range working temperature
* 12-15 Celsius temperature drop
* Lower noise
* 2 fan speed
* 2 Modes: Cooling / Ventilation
* Water tank or drainage pipe
* Water full alarm
* Removable and washable filter
* Delay Start or Delay Stop
* Auto defrost
* Over heat protection

Power Supply 220V/60Hz
Cooling Capacity 4500W/16000BTU
Operating power 2000W
Compressor Panasonic (Rotary type)
Amount of airflow 29000ft³/h (High)
Refrigerant R410A /580g
Noise(dB) =63dB
Operating range temperature 41°F -113°F
Net Weight 78KG
Wooden Packing Weight 90KG
Water Tank 17 pint
Dimension for Cold air tube Ø 5 inch
Dimension for Hot air tube Ø 8 inch
Dimensions 20.6*20*43.7 inch
Wooden Packing Size 23.7*23*48 inch