Slucket Growth Bucket, 10 gal w/ 3 inch hole

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The Posiflow by Slucket RDWC system combines Positive Flow Technology with fully drainable Slucket modules. It is the only recirculating deep water culture hydroponic system to independently feed each growth module at the same time. The Posiflow utilizes positive water pressure to recirculate highly oxygenated nutrient solution through the plant's root zone through its Slucket Manifold. The Posiflow's Return Manifold circulates nutrient solution back to Slucket Control Module to recirculate, and this positive flow motion supercharges the nutrients with dissolved oxygen, creating conditions perfect for explosive plant growth.

 Please note that due to high demand this item can take 2 to 3 weeks to be fulfilled.

Distance from center hole to floor 7.25”



Do roots grow in the drain port?

Due to consistent flow of nutrient water through the 1” port, roots will grow away from the port. (Roots follow the flow of water) Roots will flow through the 3” drain line, but doesn’t prevent flow restrictions. When you ready to drain the system, you’ll have no issues with roots.

How much water will the Slucket hold?

The Slucket will hold 10 gallons of water. When running your Posiflow system, each module will hold 7.5 gallons of nutrient rich water.

What size Net Pot goes in the Lid?

8” net pot is optimal for our Slucket Lid, but a 9” lid will work.

What size water pump do you recommend?

4 Growth Site- 950 gph 

6 or 8 Growth Site- 1200 gph

9 thru 12 Growth Site- 1800 gph

14 thru 24 Growth Site- 2400 gph

26 thru 36 Growth Site- 3600 gph