Quest CDG174 Dehumidifier

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The Quest CDG174 is one of the most power-efficient dehumidifiers in the market and uses only 10 amps. It has a maximum dehumidifying capacity of 176 pints/day at 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 60 percent Relative Humidity.

The Quest CDG174 Dehumidifier is protected with a strong and sturdy stainless-steel case and comes with an advanced pleated filter. The MERV-8 filtration system of Quest CDG174 is capable of filtering out pollen, dust, mold spores, and other airborne dirt particles efficiently.

Being lightweight at just 135 lbs, the Quest CDG174 is easy to operate due to its 12-inch wheels, 20 feet long 120 V power cord, and a strong retractable handle. The long cord improves the mobility of the CDG174 and can be placed anywhere as per the users’ requirements.

Unique Value Propositions
● Dehumidifies 176 pints/day at 27 degrees Celsius and around 60 percent relative
● Power-efficient and cost-effective as it operates on 10 amp only.
● Small footprint at 23 x 40 inches. Compact and space-saving design.
● It comes with a 33 ft detachable hose and an internal pump.
● Superior and Efficient MERV-8 Filtration.
● User-friendly with easy controls.
● 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty.
● 5 Year Warranty on Refrigerant and Compressor.