Slucket Growth Lid w/ 8" hole

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The Posiflow by Slucket RDWC system combines Positive Flow Technology with fully drainable Slucket modules. It is the only recirculating deep water culture hydroponic system to independently feed each growth module at the same time. The Posiflow utilizes positive water pressure to recirculate highly oxygenated nutrient solution through the plant¹s root zone through its Slucket Manifold. The Posiflow's Return Manifold circulates nutrient solution back to Slucket Control Module to recirculate, and this positive flow motion supercharges the nutrients with dissolved oxygen, creating conditions perfect for explosive plant growth.

Please note that due to high demand this item can take 2 to 3 weeks to be fulfilled.

Fittings and Accessories

Slucket is compatible with the following sized accessories which can be found online or at your local hardware store.

  • ¾" Hose Clamps
  • ¾" Irrigation Line
  • ¾" Elbow for Irrigation Line
  • ¾" T’s for Irrigation Line
  • ¾" Shut-off valve

Connecting Your Sluckets

Simply lay your buckets out in your desired formation and start connecting using the above fittings and accessories. Make all your connections and place the valve at the end of the run. This will allow you to control all the waste water from the feeding or watering of the plants.

For Deep Water Culture or Ebb and Flow Systems

The same connections above are required. The valve allows for effortless change outs since you can open the valve to flush all water from the system and close the valve to refill with fresh water and nutrients. No pump is required and no water mess is made.

For Soil Growers

Simply cut a piece of geofabric and place at the bottom of your slucket to act as a filter. Fill the Slucket with soil to your desired level. The geofabric will allow water to still drain from the Slucket when the valve is open but prevent soil from escaping out the bottom or plugging the ¾” drain.