Reduce Your Monthly Cannabis Grow Expenses

If you are a commercial cannabis producer in the US,  the costs of running your grow facility has increased dramatically over the past few years. 

We can help.

15% to 20% Average Savings

How it works

Our Simple 3 Step Process will determine if you can save money for your operation.

All it takes is under 5 minutes to provide some simple information and details, and our team will review and respond within 48 hours.


Step 1

Identify the top one or two items that are taking up a large part of the budget of your grow. 

This is commonly the grow media or nutrients, but can be anything related to your grow, like chemicals, PPE, filters or anything else. 

Step 2

Once you identify your top expenses, the next step is to fill out a simple form or spreadsheet with the details of your monthly spend on these items. 

Step 3

The Grow It Depot team will review, analyze and try to determine better sources and get back to your with a more competitive quote 

Step 4

If your item is eligible, a quote will be generated and appear on your spreadsheet, ready to order! 

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