Vectorfog Mosquito Fly Racket TR01

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This mosquito electric zapper is a great addition to your house since it will help you get a peaceful moment without any flies and mosquitoes at any time.High voltage and Electrostatic absorption: The 7000 V will instantly kill the insects at the moment, absorbing it grabbing it between its net layers without blowing or dropping it.Durable: Firm ABS shell Ultrasonic welding makes joints firm High voltage transformer sealed in the epoxy tube to avoid damp and shockEasy to use: The electric racket comes with a working indicator light, that indicated when the racket is on and ready to be used it also comes with an incorporated LED light that helps you act on getting the mosquitoes. INSTANTLY KILLS INSECTS - from Force and Electric Shock INDOOR ANS OUTDOOR USE - great for BBQs and camping TWO-LAYER NET - Absorbs the Mosquitoes without being Blown or Dropped and makes it Safe to touch LED LIGHT - makes it Easy to Use to attract and to see when there is no light - Battery power gives High Voltage Static electricity of 7000V DURABLE ABS MATERIAL- shockproof, moisture proof, antiseptic, heat resistant