VectorFog M25 Full Face Respirator Mask

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Suitable for protecting in medium gas density environments, the M25 Full Face Mask can be used to protect against most common pesticides and agro-chemical fumigants as well as more toxic fumigants such as Methyl Bromide, Sulfuryl Flouride, Methyl Iodide and Phosphine gas (PH3).

Eye protection Yes
Canister type Isolated
Environment Medium Gas Density
Cartridge available - Organic Gas
- Ammonia
- Sulphurous
- Halogen
- Hydrogen Sulphide
- Multi-Purpose
Breathe in resistance
Minimum requirement 30 L/min : less than 50 Pa
95 L/min : less than 150 Pa
Breathe out resistance 11 Pa
80.9 Pa
Breathe out resistance
Minimum requirement 160 L/min:
less than 300 Pa
Breathe out resistance 161.6 Pa
Power N/A
Power consumption N/A
Lens 180 wide angle
Face seal material Elastomeric Silicon
Certificates KOSHA, EN136, EN141
Dimension (cm) 24 x 13 x 31
Dimension (inch) 9.5 x 5.1 x 12.6
Speaking diaphragm Yes
Six-point head harness Yes
Net weight (kg) 1.2
Net weight (lb) 2.6
Features - Non-toxic silicon Mask
- Double cushion for
secure fit
- Anti-Fog Vision
Application For most halogen, organic,
ammonia and sulfrous acid
gas, e.g. Meththyl
Sulfuryl Fluoride, Methyl
Iodine and Phosphine gas