Vectorfog Fly Trap T11

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Fly Trap T11 is a professional innovative solution designed for capturing indoor and outdoor flying insects. Low noise and low power consumption make Fly Trap T10 the ideal solution for protecting areas with a large amount of flying insects (restaurants, terrace areas and greenhouses). It can cover an area of 325 to 500 square meters. Insects are attracted to the trap by the two strong UV lamps and the CO2 gas generated by the CO2 pills. Once the insects are caught, the electric fan inside the appliance sucks the insects into the mesh cage, which may also contain an adhesive board.

Properties & Benefits:
- Big coverage and efficient
- Easy to use
- their effect reaching up to 12 hours
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
- Ideal for greenhouses, terraces and restaurants

Technical specifications:
- Material: ABS
- BL lamp: 4W x 2 (quartz)
- Electricity: 220 V, 60 HZ
- Coverage area: 99 m² ~ 150 m²
- Consumption: 22 W
- Size: 24 x 32 cm