Vectorfog Fly Trap T100 Solar Trap

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Fly Trap T100 Solar Trap is a professional product efficient in catching insects from orchards, parks, golf courses, agricultural crops, livestock farms, etc., using a very simple operating principle. The trap is powered by two solar panels that charge two DC12V, 4.5A batteries. During the night, a battery-powered bulb draws insects inside the trap where they are pushed into a bag using a high-power fan mounted under the bulb.

Properties & Benefits:
- Thanks to the solar panels, this trap is energy independent and will not need other user commands.
- It has an automatic operating cycle that triggers the fan and light source.
- In case of emergency the entire system can be turned off in order to avoid a danger of short circuit or electric shock.
- Very efficient in catching insects.
- This trap works by luring the insects via an Ultra Violet lamp.
- The T100 is easy to install and each of the legs are fully adjustable for installing in uneven or step terrain.