Oasis FORTIFY 15 GALLON - Pallet of 9

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OASIS® Fortify is a liquid nutrient supplement formulated with a blend of amino acids to optimize the growth performance of hydroponically produced leafy greens (lettuce, herbs, and others including micro greens). Crops produced under both natural and artificial lights using Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Deep or Shallow Water Culture, or Aeroponic Culture, can benefit from this technology.
For best results, OASIS® Fortify needs to be applied at the recommended dosage throughout the crop production cycle from seeding through harvest as a supplement to a complete nutrient solution. Refer to the label for dosage recommendations.

Hydroponic Leafy Greens: Lettuce, Basil, herbs, microgreens, etc.

Optimizes germination rate, seedling establishment, and growth by improving the rootzone environment
Alleviates transplant shock and other stress responses like high light and temperature
Improves photosynthetic efficiency and nutrient usage efficiecy
Enables uniform and faster growth, and reduces crop production time
Compatible with all water types that are acceptable for hydroponic production
Can be used with all propagation media and growing systems that are used for hydroponic production