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EZTRIM DeBudder TableTop Stem Remover Bucker

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EZTRIM DeBudder TableTop Stem Remover Bucker
The EZ Trim debudder quickly and gently removes the flowers from their stems by using rollers that delicately grab the stem and pull it through various hole sizes.

The EZ Trim debudder can be used both for wet and dry yield. Its unique speed control and hole design allows it to pluck the flowers from the stem without damage.

Control of the feed rate helps to remove the flowers on dry product without damaging them.

The EZ Trim debudder is lightweight, portable, adjustable, customizable, and comes standard with a workstation. It has a high torque while still retaining low power consumption with a motor that produces 101 lb-in of torque, while only drawing 1.9 amps.