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Kind - X2 Commercial LED Grow Light

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Welcome to the future of commercial LED grow lights

Developed as the perfect solution to vertical racking and overhead grow operations, the X² commercial LED grow light from Kind LED was specifically designed for close-proximity growing, capitalizing on valuable tiered growing space while maintaining a large coverage footprint and tremendously even PPFD output. This means increased harvest weight and quality, and unmatched potential for financial returns at harvest. Discover the future of commercial LED grow lights today!

The brand new X² from Kind LED features:

  • Revolutionary concentric design for even PPFD distribution, maximizing production and increasing harvest weight
  • Over-engineered electrical components and heat sinks for longer fixture life, overall durability, and peace of mind
  • Tunable Spectrum for complete control, increased harvest quality and dramatically lowering production cost (when paired with compatible controller)
  • Slim profile for close proximity growing, to utilize every inch of grow space and increase profits


Our PLANT FIRST Design builds on decades of light science to give your plants calculated levels of targeted light spectrum during photosynthesis.


Your success is our greatest achievement. Kind LED is determined to provide our growers peace of mind with best-in-class products and industry-leading service.


Unique concentric square design rejects dated concepts and offers uniform PPFD throughout large footprint for increased yields and


Product Details

Spectrum 3 Channel - Fully Adjustable*
Max Wattage 750w (±5%)
Efficacy 2.2 μmol/J
Input Voltage 120-277v
PPF 1650 μmol/s
Amperage 5.25A @ 120V / 2.625A @ 240V
Power Factor 0.963 @ 240v
LIfetime >75,000 Hours
Weight 40.2 lbs
Dimensions 39.4” x 39.4” x 4.3”
RMH (Recommended Mounting Height Above Canopy) ± 12”
Cord Type 6' - 240v
Footprint (RMH) 4' x 4'
Warranty 5 Year
*when paired with compatible controller

The X² comes with a 240v power cord. A 240v to 120v plug adapter may be used to run on standard 120v outlet. Currently not eligible for promotions or discounts


“As a grower who first learned on LED lights 10+ years ago, I have always loved the possibilities that laid ahead. The X² by Kind has reached the pinnacle I hoped for. The raw science behind this light is something to be admired. From the quality build to the perfect balance of spectrum, you can tell they poured their heart and soul into this light. With the X² I can truly say we’ve reached the point of surpassing what your standard HPS can do. I’ve been able to save money on wattage and AC costs while improving my overall quality. Kind X² is the game-changer that this industry has been waiting for.”

Brandon Okman, Owner/Operator Best Buds Botanical