ParfactWorks PT480 PRO 480W LED Grow Light (Manual and RJ11 Controllable)

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About this Item
High effciency top-bin Samsung LM301H 3000K & 5000K。
Powered by Meanwell, the light is dimmable by knob manual dimmer or RJ11 connection for massive control opperation.
Full Spectrum enhanced with Red, IR & UV.
Reliable passive cooling designed with ultra-thick aluminum heatsink.
Better canopy light penetration with 120 degrees diffused light.
5-year manufacturer's warranty.


Model No. - PT480 Pro
Power Draw - 480W
Hps Equivalent - 1000-1200W
Dimension/weight - 65cmx50cm/22“x20", 7.59kg/16.83lbs
Mounting Height - 12"-36" Above Canopy
Lighting Coverage - Veg 5.5'x5.5'', Bloom 4'x4'
Power Supply - Meanwell Driver
Input Voltage/current - Autosensing 100-277V/1.7-4.8A
Dimming - Manual & Rj11 Controller
Led Source - Samsung LM301H 3000K (704PCS), Samsung LM301H 5000K (288PCS), Red 660nm (128PCS), IR 730nm (16PCS), UV 400nm (16PCS)
Par Efficiency - 2.8 μmol/j
PPFD - 2703 μmol @ 12” vertical distance
Full Spectrum - 3000k/5000/660nm/UV/IR
Package Includes- 1x PT480 PRO light, 1x 6ft power cord, 2x Hangers with carabiners, 2x Adjustable Yoyo Hangers, 1x RJ11 Cable, 1x User Manual
Cooling System - Passive
Operating Temp - 20°c ~ 40°c (-4°f ~ 104°f)
Lifetime - >100,000hrs