Fluence AC/DC Whisper 2.0 Dimmer

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Controls up to 50 Devices - 0-100% Light Intensity - Compatible with VYPR 3, RAZRm, RAZR 2/3/4, RAZRx, RAY, SPYDR 2, and SPYDR 1 - 3.92in L x 3.43in W x 1.35in H

The Fluence Dimmer is a dependable and convenient dimmer which can adjust the light intensity of Fluence fixtures from 0-100%.

This device features an easy-to-use up and down arrow function and a digital display displaying the intensity percentage.

The Fluence Dimmer is meant to manage the light intensity and maintain a consistent level of output for Fluence LED fixtures. It is not a relay or timer that controls photoperiod. It can dim up to 50 fixtures over 200 ft. of signal wire via 0-10V or PWM for uniform control of light.

Exceeding this distance will diminish the signal strength and reduce the fixtures that can be dimmed; thus, a certified electrician should be consulted if more than 200 ft. is needed.

This product includes two 2-position terminal connectors for connection of dimming signal wires. A spare is available if needed. Please note, a 120V wall outlet is required.

    • Part No. C-W-U
    • Electrical : AC/DC - 120AC/12VDC
    • Compatibility : VYPR 3, RAZRm, RAZR 2/3/4, RAZRx, RAY, SPYDR 2, and SPYDR 1
    • 0-100% Light Intensity
    • Controls Up to 50 Devices with