LTL ELEMENT1 Analog Atmosphere Control, 4-outlets

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The Element 1 by LTL Controls is an accurate and budget conscious solution for maintaining temperature and humidity within the growing area, and can also operate a CO2 device and a nighttime device. The Element 1 features a highly accurate solid-state temperature and humidity sensor which is designed to resist EMI/EFI from electronic/digital ballasts, a superiorly engineered circuit board, heavy-duty internal construction, and high-quality UL/CE listed components to ensure years of operation.

The Element 1 features the ability to control 1 cooling device (such as a fan) and 1 humidifier OR dehumidifier. It can also operate 1 CO2 device (which will activate only during the daytime) and 1 nighttime device. The Element 1 offers 3 operating modes for maximum versatility and ease of use.

Used to Control:
- 1 Cooling Device (fan, AC)
- 1 Humidifier OR Dehumidifer
- 1 CO2 Device (or any daytime device, outlet powers on only during the day)
- 1 Nighttime Device (outlet powers on only at night)